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We would like to write a function that calculates the number of permutations of scoring a certain number of points in basketball.

In basketball, a free throw is worth one point, a two pointer is worth two points, and a three pointer is worth three points. We can assume that these shots can be made in any order (since someone can shoot one free throw after a technical foul).

For this problem, the order matters when calculating the number of ways to score a certain number of points, as we are calculating permutations.

For example, here are the ways to score 4 points:

  • 4 free throws
  • 1 two pointer, 2 free throws
  • 1 free throw, 1 two pointer, 1 free throw
  • 2 free throws, 1 two pointer
  • 2 two pointers
  • 1 free throw and 1 three pointer
  • 1 three pointer and 1 free throw

Thus, (4) would return 7.

For the first step, write a straightforward recursive solution to this problem, without memoization.

Think about what the recursive subproblems are. If you are trying to find the permutations of scoring 10 points, then that would be the sum of permutations scoring 7 points (plus a three pointer), permutations scoring 8 points (plus a two pointer), and permutations scoring 9 points (plus a free throw).

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